The Complete Catcher is an online library presented by Catcher University that is the complete guide to coaching catchers. It is designed for coaches, parents, and players, and literally has everything you need to coach catchers to greatness on and off the field.

With The Complete Catcher you'll never have to worry about not knowing what to do with your catchers again. This online library is packed with:

  • Teaching about the essential skills for catching - both mental and physical
  • Drills that include full explanations and demo videos
  • Copy & paste practice plans that fit into any practice, indoors or outdoors
  • Tips & best practices for coaching catchers

Specifically, here are the topics covered by The Complete Catcher:

  • THE CATCHER MINDSET: The Key to Everything
  • LEADERSHIP: Essential Skills to Lead Yourself and Others Well
  • RECEIVING: Receive Like a Pro and Win Pitches
  • BLOCKING: Block Every Pitch and Be a Wall
  • THROWING: Throw Out Runners and Conquer to the Clock
  • OTHER SKILLS: Bunts, Plays at the Plate, Pop-ups, and More
  • GAME MANAGEMENT: Manage the Game Like a Big Leaguer with Pitch Calling, Working with Umpires, and More
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS: Invest in Your Body for Maximum Performance

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