The best catchers are the best teammates.


Sure, there might be dynamically talented, self-centered catchers with skills that impact the game, but the truly great catchers, the ones that embody the essence of the position all the way to the core, are great teammates.

If you want to be the best catcher you can possibly be then you must be a great teammate. Naturally that begs the question, then, how do you be a great teammate?

Thankfully Jon Gordon, best selling author and speaker, wrote a book about a Cornell lacrosse player that was the definition of a great teammate. The full story is outlined in his book, The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to Be a Great Teammate, and is a worthy read for anyone in any sport, family, or business. What follows is a blog series that will touch on each of the 21 ways that you can, and should, be a great teammate.

#1: Sweat More

“As a team member, one of the things you control every day is your effort. When you work harder and sweat more, you bring out the best in yourself and your team” (Gordon, Jon p. 49, Kindle Edition). 

The first way that you can be a great teammate is to sweat more. In other words, check yourself and make sure that you are working as hard as you can every single day. Give 100% at all times. 

There are many things you cannot control, but as the quote above points out, you can control your effort every day. It’s not always easy, but you have complete control over your effort. 

The best catchers are the best teammates because they lead by example with their effort and sweat more today than they did yesterday. 

Want to be a great teammate? Work harder and sweat more, and then watch the impact it has on your teammates, your team, and yourself.


This blog post is part of series called How to Be a Great Teammate. This series features 21 different ways that you can be a great teammate from the book titled The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to Be a Great Teammate by Jon Gordon (click that link to view and buy the book on Amazon – it’s a must read!). Jon Gordon is an incredible resource and you can learn more about him at, and follow him on Twitter at @JonGordon11.

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