We get a lot of questions from catchers asking how to improve their arm action. First off, you should always take great care when working on your arm action. Your throwing motion is something that should be handled delicately, and not everyone is necessary going to throw the exact same way. But, there are some essentials that we teach our catchers.

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The first is that we don’t want any delays or hitches in the arm action. The next is that we want our arm action to be as short as possible, ideally from from a roughly 90 degree angle with the back elbow even with the shoulders and a neutral grip on the baseball. 

We like to use these two Figure 8’s drills to establish a smooth rhythm with the Catcher Arm Action. The goal is for the catcher to feel the smooth rhythm and have no pauses, breaks, or hitches in their throwing motion. We start the hand(s) in a smooth, Figure 8 pattern and then continue that momentum and rhythm through the entire throwing motion and release.

When executing this drill we are looking for no breaks in the rhythm and no unnecessary extension back towards the umpire that wastes time and puts unnecessary strain on the arm. This is a great drill to include in your warmup routine every time you throw!

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