Are you missing out on hundreds of practice reps without knowing it?

To answer this question, take a minute to think about how you warmup your arm before every practice and game. You have to make hundreds of throws every single week of the baseball season in order to get your arm warmed up.

Are you being intentional with those reps? 

There are countless “hidden reps” when you’re warming up to throw where you can work on your transfer. Consider the following:

  • Every time you receive the ball you can practice your transfer (yes, even on the bad throws because not every pitch is perfect!)
  • Early in your warmups throws you can use drills like the Figure 8’s drill to focus on your Catcher Arm Action
  • As your partner starts to get 60-90 feet away you can use power position transfer drills like in the video below
  • Once you get to 90 feet and beyond you can practice your transfer+throw and incorporate your full footwork and transfer

You have a golden opportunity to work on your skills every time you throw. Don’t go through the motions and miss out on all those chances to improve your transfer. 

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can develop your transfer skills if you are intentional and focused. And, this will help you not only maximize your potential but also pass your peers because most people don’t take advantage of all the hidden reps available while warming up.

Here’s a great example of what this looks like!

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