“Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation, because your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” – Legendary Coach John Wooden”

Coach Wooden’s quote is one we would all do well to memorize. Your character is what matters most because that is the essence of who you are.

Question for you: how is your character impacting your teammates?

Another worthy quote is “a high tide raises all ships”. In my last season of a roller-coaster of a career, this mantra made sense more than ever. My thought process was as follows: I am only 1 player on the field. There are 8 others participating in the action on the field. Not to mention all the bunker guys who pull their weight in the dug-out doing charts, stats, stealing signs, and preparing for their appearance.

I adopted the mindset of “make everyone else better and I will be good”. I knew that if I spent my time and energy encouraging a key player who was in the dumps, or tossing cage balls to our first bat off the bench, or thanking my bullpen catcher for his hard work, then everyone else around me was going to rise to another level.

I knew that when it came to game time – my arm slot, my footwork, my quick blocking, my bat speed was as ready as it was going to be. I had to play with whatever I was working with. If I was at 80% today – then I was going to give 100% of my 80%. However, if my teammate’s energy level was at 60% and I could help get him to 75%… if my teammate’s confidence was at 80% and I could help him get to 90%… if my teammates ability was at 100% and I helped him realize an entirely new 100%… then my team was going to have so much more than just my 70% or 80% or 100%.

As catchers and as leaders, it is our job to bring excellent energy and excellent effort daily. Talent can have streaks. Character never has streaks. Character knows that when the going gets tough, it’s not all about us. In the journey to becoming a great leader, we can either make our teammates better or we can make our teammates worse. Lucky for you, it’s your decision.

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